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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is ‘iChill Music‘ license free?

A: The music writers and performers are not registered with a collection agency like PPL or PRS so these societies do not represent our writers and performers in any way.

Q: What do I say when PPL or PRS contact me?

A: Inform them that you are using the license free ‘iChill Music’ Collection and they should know us by now! If they were to pay you a visit we advise you to have only license free music playing on the programme you are using, like iTunes Library or Windows Player Library or CD player (without Radio).

Q: Can I use the music on my recordings or videos?

A: If you are going to be selling your product, there is a fee to pay as our music is NOT royalty free. Please contact us on for details. You can however use it as background music on videos but it has to include a clear link to

Q: How do I purchase and/or download ‘iChill Music’ from the website?

A: See our helpful and quick video 1 tutorial here

Q: I cant find my downloads, where are they?

A: See our helpful and quick video 2 and 2b tutorial here.

Q: How do I import my ichill music into itunes?

A: See our helpful and quick video 3 tutorial here.

Q: Can I purchase direct from itunes?

A: Yes, open itunes on your computer, click on "itunes store" and search for "i chill music factory"

Q: Can I purchase music from my Apple ipad, ipod or phone?

A: If you use any of the above devices you will automaticaly be redirected to our itunes download site or click here

Q: Can I purchase ichill music on my android device?

A: Because there are so many apps that control this it would be impossible for us to show them all, however most good android apps help with download and allocation of files directly into the app player.

Q: How long is it untill the download expires?

A: You have 24 hrs to download the files purchased.